Agreed Upon Procedures (AUP) Services in UAE

Customized Assurance: Agreed Upon Procedures (AUP) Services

Flexible Solutions for Specific Audit Requirements

Our AUP services offer tailored assurance solutions for businesses and organizations with specific audit requirements. With our expertise and industry knowledge, we deliver comprehensive and focused AUP engagements designed to address your unique needs and provide the desired level of assurance.

What are Agreed Upon Procedures (AUP)?

Agreed Upon Procedures engagements involve conducting specific audit procedures agreed upon by the engaging party and the auditor. Unlike a traditional financial statement audit, an AUP engagement focuses on a specific area, process, or set of transactions within an organization. The procedures performed are agreed upon in advance and can be customized to meet the specific needs and concerns of the engaging party.

Why Choose our Agreed Upon Procedures (AUP) Services?

AUP engagements provide the flexibility to focus on specific areas or issues that are of particular concern to your business. We work closely with you to understand your objectives and design tailored procedures to address those concerns effectively.

Our experienced auditors perform agreed-upon procedures with objectivity and independence. We apply our expertise to conduct the necessary tests, verifications, and analysis to provide an accurate and reliable assessment of the subject matter.

AUP engagements can be used to assess compliance with regulatory requirements, contractual obligations, or internal policies. Our auditors perform the agreed-upon procedures and provide you with a comprehensive report on compliance, highlighting any areas of non-compliance and recommending corrective actions.

AUP engagements can focus on verifying specific transactions, such as revenue recognition, expense validation, or inventory reconciliation. We perform detailed procedures to ensure the accuracy, completeness, and validity of the selected transactions.

Our AUP reports provide clear and concise findings, outlining the results of the agreed-upon procedures performed. The reports include factual information and observations without expressing an audit opinion, allowing you to make informed decisions based on the findings.

How Our Agreed Upon Procedures (AUP) Process Works

Engagement Scoping

We work closely with you to define the scope, objectives, and specific procedures to be performed. We understand your concerns and tailor the procedures accordingly.

Procedure Execution

Our auditors conduct the agreed-upon procedures, which may include testing, verification, analysis, or review of specific records, systems, or transactions.

Data Analysis and Assessment

We analyze the data and information obtained through the procedures and assess the findings in light of the agreed-upon criteria.

Reporting and Deliverables

We prepare a comprehensive AUP report that outlines the procedures performed, the results obtained, and any identified issues or concerns. The report provides you with valuable insights and recommendations based on the agreed-upon procedures.

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